CHMS offers the following insights for improving an association's operations and overall performance.


As a membership organization it is vitally important to understand why members join and renew and conversely why they don’t join or renew to ensure organizational sustainability. Studies indicate that simply asking someone to join your organization can greatly improve outcomes and that member engagement is a strong indicator of future investment in the organization. The mere act of measuring member satisfaction can be beneficial to both the organization and members as it not only provides insight to opportunities for organizational improvement but also provides a voice for members to be heard.

This recently published Wiley Membership Survey was sent to nearly 1.2 million research professionals and provides great insight for membership organizations on potential factors that affect membership recruitment and retention efforts.

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Alternative Learning Formats

Incorporating nontraditional learning formats into your organization’s continuing education schematic is a great way to mix things up by integrating fun, boosting participant recall and appealing to the different learning styles of both members and perspective members.

Take a look at these alternative learning formats discussed at the 2014 Net Impact conference in Minneapolis for creative ways to incorporate different learning formats into your organization’s educational offerings!


With 80 percent of associations currently offering some sort of technology based learning, it is important to make use of best practices that have proven to increase attendee participation and engagement. This recent Webinar Benchmarking Report published by ON24 highlights data in the lifecycle of delivering a webinar and revealed four webinar trends that have shown to increase audience engagement.

In 2015, CHMS assisted its clients in hosting 75 webinars utilizing various technologies and platforms. Contact CHMS for more information on how we can assist your organization in utilizing technology based learning systems to advance its mission.